Frequently Asked Questions (Answered)

1. What is Polyurethane?
Auuan polyurethane products are made of an exclusively formulated, high quality rigid polyurethane foam. This man-made polymer is formed on our polyurethane production lines from a two component liquid system which is thoroughly mixed at high speed in mixing/pouring machines. Once mixed, it begins to expand within a few minutes into a rigid cellular mass with a thick surface skin. Auuan polyurethane products are formed in moulds inside presses which exert tremendous pressure to constrain the expansion of the polyurethane foam to yield products with high density, great strength, and a smooth, thick surface finish.
Polyurethane is not polystyrene (coffee cup material) or poly vinyl chloride (PVC). It is much stronger and denser than the former and has none of the controversial chemical properties of the latter. In addition, unlike polystyrene or PVC, Erkea polyurethane products readily accept any latex or oil-based paint finish and are all supplied with a thorough coating of high quality primer.
Auuan polyurethane products are designed for interior or exterior use.

2. Can the average home owner install polyurethane moldings him/herself without hiring a contractor?
Anyone comfortable working with wood can work with polyurethane moldings. They cut, nail, glue, and screw the same as wood.


3. Can Auuan products be used outdoors?
Any polyurethane product can be used outdoors. Gypsum products are for interior use only. ERKEA polyurethane products will not rot, crack, or decay or be subject to insect damage.


4. Can I avoid the use of nails or screws with polyurethane products?

Any adhesive suitable for bonding wood to the surface on which you wish to mount a product can be used with ERKEA polyurethane products. If you do not use mechanical fasteners, you will need to find another means of supporting your installation while the adhesive you have chosen sets.

5. Do polyurethane products have to be primed before painting?

No, but filled nail or screw holes should be primed before painting for the best results, especially if you plan to use a decorative painting technique such as glazing and wiping.

6. Are Auuan polyurethane products fire rated?
Polyurethane may burn when exposed to flame, gypsum will not. It is the purchaser's responsibility to ensure that products conform to local building codes. All polyurethane ERKEA products meet the requirements of the Residential Universal Building Code for Foamed Plastic Trim.

7. What is your terms and conditions?

    Price Term: FOB or EXW

    MOQ: 100pcs for each of the item

    Payment term: by T/T, Paypal, Western Union, L/C

    Lead time: 20 days for one 20ft container, 30 days for one 40HQ

8. Do you have the installation instruction for the products?

    Yes, please refer to Installation page.

9. Still Puzzled?
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