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Manufacturer of Polyurethane Decorative Architectural Material from China

           Founded in the year of 2000, acting as a professional manufacturer and exporter, Guangzhou Auuan Decorative Material Ltd is specializing in polyurethane (PU) cornice moulding, PVC 3D wall panel and 3D leather wall panel in Guangdong, China.

           We have always been devoting ourselves to the principle of "Quality First", and over the past 15 years we have constantly sought to develop new generation of high-level products.
Our production facilities have the world’s advanced production machines, which enable us to guarantee the quick delivery on clients’ orders while control the product’s quality. From preparing artwork, mass production to packaging, every procedure is done under the supervision of experienced workers in our own factories. 

           Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. We continuously develop our customer services to meet our clients' demands. Our staff members are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in manufacturing the cornices and 3D wall panels. Delivery time will always be matched. 

          With the rapid development over the past years, our products have been exported to more than 50 countries. Auuan has enjoyed great reputation both home and abroad. We continually strive to maintain our unwavering reputation through our high quality products and first-class service. 
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Product Categories

  • Cornice Mouldings
    There are variety of different polyurethane decoratvie moldings. Our largest range consists of crown moldings which can be used as either decorative exterior crown moldings or decorative interior crown moldings. Most crown moldings can be made in flexible material for specific project requirements. In fact, most mouldings we offer can be custom made for projects that require flexiable molding. In addition to the crown moldings, there is a wide range of chair rails, casings, as well as panel moldings and baseboard moldings. Also available are wide range of flat trim that can be used for many different applications.
  • Ceiling Elements
    Ceiling elements are individual pieces that can significantly enhance a rooms decor. The range consist of ceiling domes, ceiling rims, ceiling medallions, both elliptical medallions and non-elliptical medallions, and rosettes. Ceiling rosettes and ceiling medallions are not just exclusive to ceiling decor - they can also be used creatively as wall accents and wall decor.
  • Roman columns
    Offering a full line of structural load-bearing columns and decorative column wraps and covers. Our line consists off a wide range of round tappered and non-tappered columns, round flutted columns, square flutted columns, square recessed columns and round twisted columns. To enhance your decor add the perfect balance of architecturally detailed recessed column wraps, raised column wraps, fluted column wraps and simple plain column wraps. Column crowns and bases are also available to enhance the detail of all columns.
  • Railing balustrades
    Decorative and historically accurate balustrades. Select balustrades can be pre-assembled with balustrade railings and newel post to make installation easier and faster.
  • Mirrors
    Mirror frames are made as whole pieces whout joints. They're very convenient to use and can be painted to patterns as you like.
  • Cultured stones
    PU emulational wall panels can be used to decorate interior and exterior wall for 15 years old without fading obvious. It is real eco-friendly building material.
  • Faux wood beams
    polyurethane faux wood beams,often called "imitation wood" false-beams, are used to individualize your dwelling according to your own style.
  • Wall Relief
    Polyurethane decorative wall relief is very durable and easy to install. Various design are available.
  • Veneer accessories
    Enhance any interior or exterior space with a simple and easy to install wall accent or applique.
  • Doorway window trims
    Decorative line of products for both exterior and interior entry systems and window systems. A full line of entry systems consisting of pilasters, plinths, capitals, crossheads, pediments, transoms, and crosshead pediment combinations. Window systems consists of arch window trims and oval trims, window headers, window shutters and window panels, along with all window system accessories. Adjustable window headers are also offered for simpler installation. Compatible keystones for window headers and overdoors are available to enhance the appearance of both door and window systems.
  • Niches
    Transform any wall dramatically with a niche or use a niche kit to add an elegant bookcase to a wall.
  • Fireplace
    Fireplaces are generally designed to decorate the rooms and add elegance to the whole room.
  • Corbels
    Use corbels in any exterior or interior decor design to transform shelves, cabinetry, entry ways, frames or even mix them with mouldings
  • Exterior Decoration
  • Flower pots
    All our flower pots are made of the polyurethane rigid foam material, with environmental protection, insulation heat-aging resistance, good ventilation, light weight, and resistance to impact non-friable characteristics. The appearance of the product is antique relief, bright colors, elegant, easy bleaching, discoloration, is the perfect choice for home landscaping, balcony planting, greening
  • Curtain Trims
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